28 August 2009

"Now is the time for being watchful..."

One of my favorite children's books of all time is Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey which is the third and most poetic of the three picture books about his children, Sal and Jane. Towards the end it features a hurricane, the approach of which is marvelously described, with the oracular statements of the old Mainers with names like Clyde Snowman, making statements such as "We're a gonna have some weather," and "She's a gonna blow," and (most fragmentarily) "...with the next shift of the tide," but he also captures in words and pictures the telling details of the feel in the air, and the uncharacteristic behavior of birds as a tropical storm approaches.

Anyway, we have a storm bearing down on us for the weekend, which will bring a whole mess of rain, but probably not much else. Enough rain is expected, though, to put the LADY onto a kind of lockdown status. The family signal will be taken down, and all loose objects will be brought ashore, from the tackle box all the way up to the rudder. But the season isn't over yet. Here is looking forward to some good sailing in the coming week.

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