06 September 2009

Sister Ship to the Lady found in Marblehead

While driving down Rockaway Ave in Marblehead on Friday, I stumbled across this Brutal Beast sitting on a trailer. This is not only the first Brutal Beast in our immediate neighborhood that I have seen (outside a a museum) but closer inspection indicates that she comes from the same generation of Brutal Beasts as the LADY. According to the serial number incised into her transom, she was built at Pert Lowell in Newbury in 1985, and has the hull/sail no 107.

These pictures, which were taken with my phone (which I didn't realize had been set to Black and White) don't capture much of the detail of #107's restoration, which appears to be pretty far along. Additional ribbing (bent oak?) has been added in between the main ribs, and the forward thwart has been removed, but that may be only temporary. 107 looks like she is still a few months away from going the water, but we hope to run into her at sea next year.

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