06 September 2009

Grown Ups Go Sailing: Coney Island Mission XI

Took my brother-in-law out for a sail yesterday, which started kind of airless and lumpy, but ended up being fast and exciting. Without really planning to, we ended up in the neighborhood of Coney Island (I swear the boat would just drift there on her own, if set loose), where Marc expressed a desire to go ashore. Now that September is here, the birds are already less territorial, which allowed us to access the higher eastern shore of the island.

I was looking for the USCGS marker we found here last fall, but without any luck. However, did find the rather odd inscription pictured here: LNNRT, in letters that seem to have been made out of rather sandy concrete. The remains of other, illegible, letters were nearby. Here you see a picture of the LADY taken from the approximate spot where the letters were found, and a picture of the letters themselves.

Our lean-to remains in remarkable condition, as do our stone walls. We are hoping to return soon to begin buttoning the site up for the winter.

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